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An injury can affect not only the body but the mind as well. Depression and anxiety disorders are common side effects of traumatic injuries and illnesses, and they should be treated by a mental health professional. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks to address these issues, let alone believes that their workers’ compensation benefits will cover the expenses.

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At Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., our workers’ compensation attorney in Council Bluffs has worked with thousands of people who were injured in accidents. Our team has seen how mental health issues can impact your life after an accident and how important it is to seek treatments. Because we regularly meet with our clients to monitor their healing, we can often spot the symptoms of depression as they develop. However, our estimation is no substitution for a professional evaluation, and we encourage all people who are concerned about their mental health to schedule an appointment with a doctor or therapist.

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Signs That You Are Having a Mental Health Crisis

How do you tell the difference between feeling sad and depressed? There is no single event or symptom that will make it clear that you are having a mental health crisis. Depression and anxiety disorders manifest in a variety of ways, and they can affect every person very differently. If you are concerned about your mental health after an accident, it is strongly recommended that you speak with a mental health professional.

If you answer yes to the following questions, then you should consider seeking a mental health evaluation:

  • Are you having problems with your memory or ability to focus?

  • Does your primary injury affect your ability to socialize with others?

  • Are you unable to cope with the tasks of daily life that once came easily to you?

  • Are you unable to sleep or sleeping much more than usual?

  • Do you no longer enjoy things that once gave you pleasure?

Claiming Your Mental Health Workers’ Compensation

You will have to prove that you need mental health counseling as a direct result of the injury you sustained in order to claim your benefits. This can be difficult, as the insurance company is always looking to reduce their own expenses. They will require that you provide substantial evidence that your psychological injury is related to your work-related accident.

If we suspect you are suffering from depression, we will refer you to a medical professional who is qualified to conduct tests to diagnose your condition and to show whether or not you are honestly reporting your symptoms.

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